The integrated overview of our reports

The Group reporting approach is based on the integrated thinking and Core&More1 concept also this year the Annual Integrated Report is our Core report, centred on material financial and non-financial information while other reports and channels of communication (More) present more detailed information, some of which targets a specialized audience.


Group Annual Integrated Report
It provides a concise and integrated view of the Group’s financial and non-financial performance, also pursuant to legislative decree 254/2016 (leg. decree 254/2016).

Annual Integrated Report and Consolidated Financial Statements
It expands the content of the Annual Integrated Report, providing details of the Group’s financial performance in compliance with national and international regulations.

Corporate Governance and Share Ownership Report
It outlines the corporate governance system of Assicurazioni Generali and its ownership structure.

Remuneration Report
It provides specific information on the remuneration policy adopted by the Group and its implementation.

Management Report and Parent Company Financial Statements
It provides information on the performance of Assicurazioni Generali, in accordance with currently effective regulations.
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Social Generali

*Core&More is a reporting approach developed by Accountancy Europe which provides for a core report, including a summary of all key information required to evaluate and understand a company, and more reports, presenting more detailed information. for further information.