2. A strong brand

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Generali strives to create a brand experience aligned with the Group’s goal of becoming a life-time partner to its customers.
We strive to be proactive and focused on customer relationships and integrate protection, prevention and assistance, creating tailor-made products and services that meet our clients’ needs. Our agents are at the very heart of this transformation. Data and technology are the crucial levers that give our distribution networks the opportunity to customize and adapt our products and services. Continuous connectivity and real-time support will enable us to create faster and more consistent experiences that will delight our clients.
Being a life-time partner to customers allows us to transform our role from a mere product vendor to a provider of integrated solutions that add genuine value to people’s lives, their health, their home, their mobility and their work. We are committed to strengthening our brand14 to become 1st choice in the Relationship Net Promoter Score among our European international peers by the end of 2021, to foster new business development. We thus must get consumers to consider, prefer and acquire Generali, and connect them with our agents. Our goal is to have a higher brand preference than our market share.

Challenges and opportunities of the external context



14 Scope: Generali in Europe, Asia, Argentina and Turkey.